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The wisest of women builds her house” Proverbs 14:1a

This is just one article in a series titled “Build the Best Wedding Registry”. Each article in the series focuses on different rooms of the house and the links to each individual article per room are linked below. This article covers the master bathroom!

As a new wife running a home for the first time, you have not learned yet that soap dispensers corrode faster than you can say “cheap crap made in China”. Yes, it was one of the things that drove me crazy. The plastic softsoap dispensers stay nice but if I bought a decorative soap dispenser it had a short life span. But I wanted my sinks graced with beautiful hand soap dispensers! Here are just some things that can start you off in your new home being less frustrated.

It’s not just important to get bath towels, it’s important to get quality bath towels. Many towels can look worn in a small amount of time. Also, what do you buy? Pure white? Dark color? Pattern? It’s up to you. But price point does matter with bath towels! This is your chance to to be gifted quality ones that will last! You want super plush, super dense, super tightly woven so they don’t fall apart. Get more than you think you need to have extras to display or store. If there is an illness and you get behind on laundry, you do not want to run out of clean towels. It’s also nice to have enough to rotate to keep them from wearing down quickly.

I recommend non-white towels for hand towels. White hand towels will show a lot of stains and look dirty fast. I also recommend you buy many hand towels not just a few. Hand towels need to be switched out every two days or so. It is nice to have enough to rotate and always have clean ones if you don’t get around to your laundry fast enough that week.

Depending on your shower design you may or may not need something like this. But if you do, register for the ones that say RUST PROOF not RUST RESISTANT. Aluminum is the best material, not stainess steel. A caddy can be expensive so this is a great item to put on a registry.

I recommend registering for both a soap dispenser and a soap dish. You may have beautiful hand soap you want to use or display near the sink so do not limit yourself to just liquid hand soap. Also, when the soap dispenser corrodes and you can not just keep cleaning the green gunk out of the screw top because it just looks too worn to salvage, you still have a soap dish at least.

Are you brave enough or just willing enough to register for this item?! These mirrors are fantastic for getting stray eyebrows or chin hairs and help us keep better tabs on our appearance throughout the years. Maintaining yourself is important in a marriage.

Register for a beautiful bathmat that makes stepping out of the shower a lovely experience but also a safe experience. Consider looking for mats with rubber backing or buy a separate rubber backing for the mat you want. You could also register for a small rug with a no slip backing to put in front of the tub and layer a small bathmat over it for when you step out. The real rug will keep the bathmat in place.

You may need a shower curtain for your shower style. Be sure to register for the beautiful shower curtain that you love but also a washable polyester shower liner for the inside of any curtain. Do not get a plastic liner which is not machine washable. They are more difficult to keep clean.

There are many other fun items you can add to your bathroom, but these are the big expenses that belong on a wedding registry. See the links below for the other articles in this series!

Happy House Building!





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