How to Find Your Dream Property

Welcome to my Country Living Home & Fashion Blog. My name is Barbie and you can think of me as your country living stylist. Are you new to living in the country or just need some help making it better and more beautiful? Let’s talk finding your dream property!

Not all of us are born and raised in the country but we get there as fast as we can. If you, like me, spent years or decades of your life dreaming and trying to move to the country, you may have some solid ideas of what you want. Here are some things that I learned along the way that helped me to edit and curate the dream so that I could buy the right property.

Consider the sports you want to do or be able to do on your land. Even if you do not do these sports yourself you may have children or grandchildren you want to be able to have these options. ATVs, target practice, archery, horse riding etc. These are recreational interests that people need a significant amount of land to enjoy. These sports require certain topography tailored to these pursuits such as the ability to create hills for ATVs, woods or open ranges for shooting and archery, even riding terrain for horses, etc. Be aware of the necessity for privacy for noise buffering and safety for target practice especially if there are rural neighbors. For certain louder activities it’s just best to be more spread out from people and it’s more considerate and freeing to not have rural neighbors upset. I like things to look a certain way, so I want these sporty areas away from my gardens and my house. More land is better than not enough and you will find this to be my number one advice. I have never met someone who wished they had bought less land but I have met people who bought 5 acres and grew out of it.

Consider your homesteading pursuits. No one can do it all. Decide which products you most desire to produce and buy the property that supports being successful at those things. No property can accommodate every single thing someone could do so you must be more narrow in your preference and purchase based on the biggest priority. For instance, some people would love to find a property with established gardens because purchasing or transplanting every single plant will be a lot of hard work and very expensive and it will look like a baby garden for a few years. But they need to have the right property to graze cattle which is a very specific property while you can start a garden anywhere even if it takes more time to establish it. Make your list of most important for the property to least important and buy based on your top priorities.

Buy more land than you think you need. If you are moving from the city or suburbs especially, a couple of acres will seem like a lot of land to you. Consider that once you park a couple of large pieces of equipment, a mower, vehicles, or an RV, or a boat, and start collecting outbuildings like a shop, a garden house, or a guest cottage….not to mention pets and potentially livestock, your acreage will fill up fast and leave little room for the many pursuits. You can not add land to your land. But you can always develop further into your rural property as you need it with time.

Decide which design features are most important to you and buy the property that already has it or allows you to implement those ideas with ease. For instance, if you want a long winding drive up to the house you will need acreage in front of the house to create it, or you will need to find a house with that drive already there. But that automatically discounts houses set forward on the property where it would be impossible to implement that feature. Dream design features are important to identify and shop based on them because it’s the difference between a property you like and your dream property.

Check back for more country living articles and have a blessed day!

"Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things." Philippians 4:8

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