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The wisest of women builds her house” Proverbs 14:1a

This is just one article in a series titled “Build the Best Wedding Registry”. Each article in the series focuses on different rooms of the house and the links to each individual article per room are linked below. This article covers the master bedroom!

For first time brides, they are stepping into running their own households for the very first time. There are things to register for that they simply need. Here are the best items for the master bedroom.

Register for quality sheets. This is “Build the Best Wedding Registry” not the cheapest, not the most trendy. The best. Most fabrics that cheap sheets are made from pill terribly. That means a thousand mini hard balls scraping against you. It just feels ICK. But the thing is, cheap sheets are cheap….nice sheets are expensive. I have had really good experience with bamboo sheets never pilling and being the softest silkiest sheets ever, however they do stain more easily than other materials. High quality made in USA 100% cotton sheets are another solid option. Avoid ANYTHING synthetic. It will degrade and make you sweat at night. Consider registering for multiple sets of the sheets you want. You need more than one!

Do you know the difference between these items? If so, do you know which you prefer? If you don’t, figure out what you like! If you do, register for this item which acts as the main topper over the bed. You will want to really know what you like because this piece of bedding defines the look of the bed and sets the tone of the look of the bedroom. Do you like neutrals? Romantic reds? Cool blues? Get a strong idea of what you want by looking through photos and register for the topper that gives you that look. This can be an expensive item but there are many affordable options for this item that last just as long and look just as good.

Another option is to register for an entire bedding set. These include everything from the dust ruffle, to the comforter, to the shams. These sets are helpful for the woman who does not want to go shopping for all the individual items for a bed set.

If you are not registering for a bedding set, make sure to register for the separate items that your bed needs. Dust ruffles are essential as a finishing touch to a bed.

Shams are for the pillows that sit on the front or the top of the the pillows in the regular pillow cases. Shams are often slightly more decorative, maybe trimmed in a border of fabric, or has some pattern or embroidery on the front. They act like a throw pillow but they are filled with a regular bed pillow. They act as a support system for being propped up when sleeping, or as a way to sit up in bed and read. It is a bed pillow, but not one you sleep directly on. Shams are sold with sheet sets, bedding sets, or sold separately. If you want a set of shams and they did not come in a bed set you registered for, or you are not registering for any sets, be sure to register for them separately.

Register for the blanket size that your bed requires, but the point is to have a couple different blankets for the bed. This is an advanced tip, but I always purchase blankets one size larger than my bed size. I like the roominess for two people sharing it and the length looks more elegant to me. Some people put a blanket in between the top sheet and the comforter/quilt topper. Some people fold a blanket on the end of the bed over the comforter/quilt topper as an option to pull up if you’re cold and for decorative purpose. Some people do both in the winter time. The point is, a bed needs multiple blankets for different needs. Maybe you do not know how you prefer to make your bed yet. The fact is, if one blanket gets dirty, at least you have another one clean. I suggest one natural fiber blanket like a cotton, which makes it breathable. I also suggest a synthetic fiber blanket in a plush microfiber material. Those blankets are super insultating and feel super soft for bedding.

You have the rest of your life to buy too many throw pillows. But the fact is, you might be starting with nothing or some cheap crappy ones you are bringing into the marriage. Time to consider the quality and look you want to design into your romantic getaway of a master bedroom. Now is the time to register for those oversized gorgeous timeless throw pillows. A pair of great throw pillows goes a long way.

The master bedroom is a place of relaxation and romance. One of the quickest ways to create this ambiance is by candle light. Hang candle sconces, put candles on the bed side tables or the dresser. I suggest healthier options like bees wax candles or candles scented naturally with essential oils instead of fake fragrance. Since these types of candles are more expensive, they are the perfect item to put on a wedding registry. One of the best jobs of the wife is to infuse romance into every day life and make your time with your husband special.

I know we all use phones now days but I am personally trying to get away from my phone being a central hub of every necessity. Whatever happened to the bedside clock? They are so beautiful and so functional. I need a clock that I can look at that does not blare bright light into my unadjusted eyes. So I am not even talking about a digital clock but a clock with a regular face, no lights. I think this is a wonderful element to add to a master bedroom and it gives you the time if your phone gets lost or broken.


You want to know what is super expensive and super necessary? Window treatments. There are so many beautiful curtains to choose from, I just swoon over curtains. I practically order curtains for fun. They come in all price points but curtains are absolutely essential to creating a beautiful master bedroom and they also help light blocking if needed.

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Happy House Building!





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