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Welcome back to my stylish countryside musings, be it decor, gardening, homemaking or fashion. Now, I make no claims to be a homesteader, but every homesteading lady would benefit from this outfit idea. I am well acquainted with dirt after all, from the garden to muddy paw prints that threaten my wardrobe daily. Comfort is an obvious factor and the closer I get to 40 (very close indeed) the more comfortable my clothes get.

how to style a dress for fall winter

As I sat cozy in my sewing room this winter

I made this dress with a rather casual fabric, a jersey knit. This fall/winter dress is the same fabric as what I wear for gardening, my garden dress, which I thrifted.

I knew that the only dress I would actually reach for in the coldest winter days was something as soft and warm as my mangey sweater that I will “throw on real quick” out of my pajamas but then was staying in all day. I had to build in a solution to my wardrobe to be well dressed and comfortable.

feminine fall winter outfit ideas dress with boots

The best shapes for a slimming effect

Aside from a soft jersey knit fabric, which I doubled on the bodice and the arms for warmth, the shape needed to be something flattering over thermal leggings and the baked goods that I am eating this winter. The best shape is the A-line, or half circle skirt flowing out from a bodice fitted to the smallest part of the waist. This is such a gracious shape on a woman’s body and such a timeless feminine appeal. However, I can’t say it is better than a straight skirt such as my plaid wool skirt that I wear over leggings in cold weather. Straight skirts, not to be confused with super fitted pencil skirts or bodycon skirts…straight skirts go downward but do not cling are another solid favorite.

feminine fall winter outfit ideas dress styling

The best most flattering length on every woman

The best length for skirts and dresses for outdoor work and homemaking is in the “midi length” zone between the upper ankles and below the knees. Any longer and you are tripping, any shorter and you are showing off a lot when bending and working. How about ticks when it comes to maxi length dresses and skirts? No one should be dragging fabric through the ground in the country. I find the midi length to be the perfect amount of coverage, out of my way, and just simply an attractive length. My opinion is that the taller one is, the longer they can go with a midi length and the shorter one is, the better they look in below the knee length.

feminine fall winter outfit ideas fcold weather dress

The best colors and prints

Any day can bring stains from the outdoors to little ones, to cooking, which necessitates a color and print palette that hides these things. Keep this in mind when building your wardrobe because many fashion trends are not suggesting these things. I have seen a lot of white trousers, light-colored solids and a complete void of prints unless it is a long floral maxi dress. Just beware of these things because none of them work very well for country living, mothering, or homemaking tasks. Darker solid colors work better than light solid colors. But here’s my best advice, wear colors that make you look beautiful and make you feel happy. Prints hide any problem from sweat marks to mud, to oil stains. More prints is my best advice. When you can do a print over a solid, do a print!

feminine fall winter outfit ideas dress

Find your best colors

One thing to do in the wintertime is wear color near your face. Especially as we grow paler, or just grow older, our complexion needs that boost. There’s a fun winter day activity: research your best colors. Learning my best colors made me look so much better, this is vital to know for yourself! Find out what your best colors are before you buy scarves and hats (or anything for that matter!) and only buy the ones that truly bring out the best in your skin, hair, and eye colors. If you own the wrong colors, it’s time to declutter and start over in your wardrobe.

feminine fall winter outfit ideas style a dress

A good pair of boots

My poor boots are thrashed but hey, that’s why we wear real boots in the country. The important thing is that they are tall and keep my legs warm. I love the look of a midi dress around a boot. This is one of the most beautiful feminine fall/winter styles in my opinion and one I wear indefinitely. There are some styles that become a trend for you, regardless of what comes and goes in fashion, and this is the case for my feminine outfits like this. The color and print palette changes but the shapes stay mostly the same. There is such variation even within a style. Have fun with it and I hope you find a dress or make a dress that makes your heart sing during these cold winter days.




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Philippians 4:8

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