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My job as a wife is to discern where to buy our household goods. Since our location and our budget have directed me toward Walmart for certain items, I like to cushion my lack of enthusiasm for this store with some home decor items as a treat for doing my duty. Has this decor buying saved me money? While adding to my Walmart bill no, but by saving me from purchasing similar items at more expensive stores, yes! I have been impressed with some of the items that I have carted home, especially since I favor old fashioned and rich design and I am particular about the finishes in my home. Here are five of the most impressive items I have found at Walmart.

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1. Better Homes & Garden Bottle of Long Matches

I bought four of these bottles of long matches and have been striking them to light my candles ever since. The bottle itself with the long matchsticks is a beautiful decor item situated near a candle. There is a discreet textured patch on the back of the glass bottle for striking the match. I love decorating with essential items and I am always looking for items that fulfill a need but look beautiful in and of itself.

yankee candle warm luxe cashmere

2. This Yankee Candle

I guard my home from as much toxic intake as possible. I even buy beeswax candles to burn for hours in the evening without breathing in chemicals. But I make an exception to own a few scented candles for burning every now and then to scent the house and for the bathroom candle to deodorize the air. I do enjoy a beautifully scented candle. I especially love a large size candle that will last and have some impact in the decor for its size and color. However, I am extremely particular about the scent. This Warm Luxe Cashmere Yankee Candle stood out as a classy, clean, and rich scent that felt luxurious.

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3. Better Homes & Garden Throw Blanket

Throw blankets and throw pillows change the feel and look of a room instantly, what a fun and budget friendly makeover. But I am extremely cautious with these purchases because they are a cheap fix, and a cheap fix can look cheap! But I took a chance on this Better Homes and Garden Throw Blanket because it was on clearance for $15 that day and it was a nice cream color and looked so soft. Well, it became one of my favorite throw blankets because it washes up well without looking aged, is extremely soft, and looks beautiful draped on anything! This blanket is larger than a typical throw blanket, which helps it look extra luxurious. It features a wide ribbed border that makes it look much higher end than most cheap plushy blankets.

luxury decor at walmart

4. Mainstays Large Picture Frame

I bought two of these Mainstays 11×14 matted to 8×10 photo frames. The price was a low $16 for how nice they looked. The double matting in a soft ivory white looks professionally done. The thick frames are relatively sturdy and feature a subtle beaded edging. There is also a subtle bronze color within the black painted finish.

the best walmart decor

The frame online looks more bronze than the one I purchased in store. Not sure if it actually is more bronze or it just looks like it in the online photo. But mine appears more on the black side with a hint of bronze in it.

best kitchen towels

5. This 3 Pack of Better Homes and Garden Kitchen Towels

“Luxury” encompasses not just a state of beauty but of quality. Things that work well, that outperform counterparts, that last…this is a part of something being luxurious. This is why materials matter when it comes to creating a luxury decor look, whether it is the upholstery of your sofa, to your rug, to your sofa pillows, to real leather instead of a plastic counterpart that falls apart and does not age well like real leather. Good quality is luxury. Having said that, I know this is a small thing but these kitchen towels by Better Homes and Gardens are the best kitchen towels I have ever owned. There are two towels in the pack that have a flat cotton weave on one side and a terrycloth weave on the other making them extremely absorbent and thicker than most kitchen towels. There is a third towel that I do not care for as much because it is just the flat weave and does not have a terrycloth side. However, the one that is just a flat weave is not only still beautiful, but good for drying hands, for decoration, and for being beneath dishes on the counter when I’m washing dishes by hand. I own many packs of these kitchen towels in two different colors, the light blue which is the “blue linen cotton” and the green which is called “dark cilantro green”, but is not dark at all, it is a light green. But I love all of the colors these towels come in, they all look high quality and function as high quality.

All of my candle holders, trays, and fancy glass bowls are thrifted. Those kinds of items in a higher end style are not found in less expensive stores typically. I would be paying a lot of money for these beautiful pieces unless I found them at thrift shops. Where I need to buy brand new items, I can get away with certain textile purchases such as a throw blanket, kitchen towels, or frames for wall art, candles and matches brand new in affordable stores without paying a high price. With discernment, you can create a luxurious home by layering in pieces of all price points as long as they are of a certain quality and style.

The Lord Jesus be glorified in us and in our homes.

She looks well to the ways of her household
    and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27


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