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Ladies, have you ever noticed how fashion magazines assume we all live in the city and work in offices? Their recommendations never seem to take into account the one who spends her days outdoors, among dirt, plants, animals, even children, working for her own family or a paid job that is grittier.

What does a woman wear for her day working at home, working outdoors, surrounded by life, sticky hands, dirty paws, dough flinging off her beaters, flour in her hair, and insects buzzing all around her? I don’t think the fashion industry touted white button-down blouse fits anywhere into this kind of living. Especially in the summer heat! Especially…in the garden.

summer garden outfit

The Summer Garden Dress

This dress works for any day working at home cleaning, cooking, etc. But this is my garden dress. Many dresses are good for cleaning and cooking but not just any dress is a garden dress. It needs very particular features to be comfortable for the outdoor work of the garden. Here is what to look for to get yourself a garden dress for the warm season:

1. Stretchy Fabric

This dress should allow you to move in every which way unhindered. It can be a simple stretchy knit fabric. Now, modern day fast fashion is full of very thin knit fabrics while some are opaque. I aim for stretch knit fabric that is the least see through. Stretch knit dresses from higher end brands tend to have better quality. Having said that, stretch knit fabric, like jersey knit is not a structured fabric at any price point. However, the flimsy soft nature of this type of clothing is what makes it good for gardening. Because it’s not the most flattering fabric the other listed features are that much more important.

2. Print & Color

This kind of stretchy knit fabric can show bumps and curves beneath it easily. Now add in that solid colors show more dirt, stains and sweat. Also, solid colors are more apt to being see-through, especially light colored solids! Prints are the simple solution. Colorful prints or even basic navy blue, white stripe or polka dot can cover a multitude of issues. Besides, this is a summer (sweat marks!) gardening dress (soil, produce juice etc!) so it is meant to get dirty and these features will help it do that without being obviously trashed!

summer gardening dress outfit

3. Midi Length

Maxi length will trip you or catch debris and ticks, so long lengths are not good for outdoor living and work. Anything above the knee will show a lot off when you bend over (back of upper thigh). Below the knee and about mid calf is the best length for hemlines! You can always buy a maxi length and hem it to mid calf. Especially in a flimsy stretchy dress that can be a little clingy, having a midi length gives it a classy balance. Speaking of cling…

4. A-line Style

Look for a dress that is neither tight nor billowy in the skirt. Get something fitted on top that does not fall off shoulders or show your chest when moving and bending over. It should fit at the waist as well and then flow outward. This is a classic a-line cut dress. It is universally flattering on women as it skims over her body without adding bulk or making a body look like a stuffed sausage either.

summer garden flower basket harvest

Under Garments

This is important anyway but especially for gardening: wear spandex cotton shorts beneath a dress. This way you have proper coverage for a skirt getting flipped up, moving around and keeping pests out of your nether region. Spandex cotton shorts will be a good breathable fabric, allow for comfort, modesty and safety.


My footwear consists of my leather cowgirl boots for heavier work and standing in tall grass, which I wear with my gardening dress as well. If I am in an area where I feel something could bite my foot because it’s more wild, I definitely wear my boots!

country homestead farm garden summer outfit

But there are a lot of times when I’m doing lighter duty gardening especially in the heat of summer: watering in the morning, dead heading blooms, insect patrol, cutting flowers for bouquets and standing in the brick courtyard only. I just wear a comfortable pair of sandals which means I need the soles to be cushioned and the straps to be wide and hold my foot well. These are a pair of sandals from one of my favorite brands Italian Shoemaker, made in Italy.

comfort sandals


I wear a light weight woven hat with a brim. I do not wear sunglasses in the garden. This style hat keeps the sunlight out of my eyes and face without being heavy or in my way.

best summer garden outfit

This is my summer garden dress outfit! I feel so airy and feminine in this and yet I wear it to work in the garden. Living amid flowers and mud.

summer garden style

From my country home wishing you a beautiful summer in the garden, Barbie



"Whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable,
if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise
think about these things."
Philippians 4:8

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