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Now that I have made all of the mistakes, and I am safely in my late 30s and looking better for my wisdom gained…I can impart to you the keys to true feminine fashion for any woman.

One of the greatest fashion obstacles for women of any age is confusing sexy for feminine. Modern women’s wear is an odd dichotomy of androgynous clothing and skimpy clothing. So, to be more feminine, women sometimes tend to gravitate toward the skimpy clothing.

Certain clothing characteristics make something distinctly feminine, not brash, not showy, just feminine. Nurturing your femininity means observing these kinds of features to steer your style to feminine.


Spaghetti straps are so common it’s as though fashion designers think we enjoy showing our bra straps. It is these kinds of qualities that we must be aware of to choose the pieces that say “timeless beauty”.

Choose tops (this goes for the bodice of dresses as well) that have shoulder coverage wide enough to completely hide bra straps. Sleeveless tops and dresses are wonderful to have for warm sunny days but you will look drastically higher quality when bra straps are hidden. If you have the will power to just say no to the sea of spaghetti straps out there you will not have to be subjected to the discomfort of strapless bras anymore. If you are not willing to wear a strapless bra with spaghetti straps, then do not wear this kind of “sleeve” because visible bra straps ruin a woman’s polish.


Plunging necklines are an epidemic in modern women’s fashion but showing half your sternum and potentially most of your breasts is on the brash side not feminine side. Too low of necklines are common across the board in t-shirts to sweetheart necklines on dresses. Many things are just not made discreetly enough. Be choosy and lean toward more covered than less. You will not look less sexy.


If you own a closet full of shapeless modern clothing, start belting everything to look more feminine. The hourglass shape is your ticket to feminine beauty. If you lack an hourglass shape, you can enhance it with shapely clothing or a belt. If you already have an hourglass shape, you can dress it properly instead of hiding it in baggy clothing. Modern fashion is full of crop tops but that is not a feminine look it is a sexually suggestive look. Define your waist instead of baring your waist for a feminine style.


Miniskirts should come with a warning. When you sit or move they will show your goods. This is not respectable clothing for yourself or for others who do not want to see that. Miniskirts can be paired over leggings or tights in a layered look for a much more wearable look that will not be too leggy either. Wearing anything super short is leaning further away from feminine and into flashy. Classic feminine hemlines fall at the knee or below.


Tight does not equal proper fit. I have seen enough online clothing reviews to know that women will think something is too big when it actually fits her properly and they will think it is the perfect fit when it is too tight. Clothing should not be skintight it looks best when it skims over our shape with some room. The fabric looks less stressed! Unless it is a stretchy fabric meant to be slick to the body, nothing should be bursting at the seams.

These are just five things that will help women dress higher quality and more femininely.

Cheers to building a timeless feminine wardrobe!


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