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Welcome back to a continuation from where we left off about The Best Versatile Dress in a Feminine Classic Wardrobe!

When we have this kind of dress in our wardrobe, it is quick and easy to get dressed in the morning to look and feel elegant all day, even into the evening time. Do you ever consider feeling and dressing elegant? Elegant does not mean formal, it applies to every aspect of us in our ordinary day.

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Elegance from Day to Night

Our daytime elegance is the fact that we wear something in a beautiful shape and color, something that not only works in function but what makes us look especially graceful while functioning.

Nighttime elegance means emphasizing refinement further since this is a time when we put aside the hard work of the day that does not bode well with more jewelry, higher heels, and has no place for a small fancy handbag. Evening is when we gather to dine, converse, and linger over good food, good music, and enjoy the romance of dimmer light, starry skies, candles, or the fire side.

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Own a few pieces of Quality Looking Jewelry

From simple studs to statement earrings, either style can look elegant, and it depends on the look you want. Wear a delicate necklace, or a statement necklace, whichever is your favorite and looks the best on you. Wear a bracelet, or a beautiful ring. Stick to anything that has some glimmer to the gemstones, a bit more sparkle, a bit more shine to the metal. There is a lot of room for personal preference in these items, but the important thing is that the right jewelry dresses things up.

metallic pumps

Own a Pair (or few!) of Dressy Pumps

Some very elegantly dressed ladies (Princesses and First Ladies), wear their high heels quite high for comfort and would look just as lovely at a lower height. Heels can be low and look better for it. I stick to around 2″ heels because anymore and I totter around and that detracts from my elegance. We do not have to wear painful heels to have beautiful shoes for special occasions. In the right construction, a pump looks classic and feels great. If you have yet to experience this kind of shoe, that does not mean they are not out there because they are.

Shop Comfort shoe brands for pumps: Clarks, Aerosoles, Naturalizer, Trotters, to name a few.

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Own a Dressy Handbag

Do yourself a favor and have a dressy clutch in your wardrobe at all times. Be sure it is large enough to fit your phone, lipstick, wallet, & sanitary items. But this can still mean it is quite compact. The best colors for a dressy handbag that can go with anything is the neutral of a metallic in either silver or gold. Metallics look appropriately dressy while also being able to pair with any other color.

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While you cultivate a beautiful wardrobe for your daily life, think about adding in these extra special items that take a nice dress and make it dressy for the evening. There will always be events and get-togethers that require a dressy outfit so instead of viewing these fashion items as frivolous, or over the top, view them for what they are when your life requires them: essential! Elegance is still required for many occasions, but I posit that elegance is still required for our every day.

Happy Elegant Living

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