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Wrap dress. Wrap dress. Wrap dress. If I could give you any style advice it would be to own one or own 100! Wrap dresses are the most flattering, feminine, classy, comfortable, day to evening wearable, incredible dress style you could own. There are so many iterations of them with different fabrics, to different skirt styles, to different sleeve styles. Why is this dress so amazing? It flatters no matter your shape or size. It gives you shape when you don’t have it, it flatters your shape where you do have it. This dress is already perfect for breast feeding. It makes sense for a majority of woman’s wardrobe to be wrap dresses. You will not have to run out and buy a new wardrobe just for that purpose.

This is the kind of dress that you can wear all day with children or doing housework and also wear for evening with nice heels, jewelry, and a clutch.

Chic Summer Wrap Dress

Look at this gorgeous dress I found to show you on Amazon for $55. These are the 7 colors I recommend for summer as they are more cheerful colors and more friendly to children, pets, being outdoors, etc. So the only two colors that I do not recommend in this dress are the black and the white. I love everything about this dress from the midi length to the flutter sleeve, to the tie waist belt. All you have to do is size correctly so that this dress drapes well on you and covers you well, instead of being too tight or too loose.

pink wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Rose Red

Flutter Sleeve for Summer

I specifically have grown to love the flutter style sleeve for a short sleeve option. This shape is flattering to upper arms that may be larger, or just a feature you prefer to divert attention from. Even on slim toned arms, this sleeve offers a feminine appeal that is playful yet sophisticated. This style sleeve will not only flatter your arms but will keep you cooler than a fitted short sleeve since the air can pass through this style.

purple wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Purple Red

The Tie Waist Belt

This is another feature that makes the outfit. Just a bit of definition in the waist will make you look slimmer and highlight a classic womanly shape, which is why I always loved belts. But I have particularly enjoyed tie belts in the same fabric as my dresses because they are so comfortable, so soft and move with me. I also like how on my short stature they keep me looking longer vertically since they do not create a contrasting horizontal line.

burgundy wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Red Wine

Colors & Prints Hide Sweat Marks

The darker or more printed your fabric, the better they hide sweat marks. Not to say a lighter solid color will always show that, but it is a risk. This is why I love prints because they are so friendly for hiding things, but since this dress only comes in solid colors, if sweat marks are a concern for you, try out a darker color and see if this disguises that issue. This is another reason I love the drapey fluttery sleeve because in all of the folds of fabric you will not see armpit sweat showing.

navy blue wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Navy Blue

Wrap Dresses are Tummy Friendly

Wrap dresses are the best for visually smoothing out tummies. This has become the style of dress I may exclusively own I love them so much for this. I can eat a good meal, I can be bloated, I can have a belly and not feel like my clothing highlights this part. Wrap dresses disguise a belly. The way the fabric drapes around it and the way the tie belt highlights the smallest part of the waist but not the largest part is amazing. It’s just the best style for looking as slim as possible while enjoying and living your life!

royal blue wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Royal Blue

Midi Length

There are many wrap dresses out there but not all of them are at the best length for living! The midi length is not only a far more beautiful length for looking classy and timeless, but when moving and bending, this length provides modesty that keeps you looking your best at all angles.

blue wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Blue Green


I always sew or pin my wrap dresses at the bust and the hem to be sure they do not open or reveal anything. Most off the rack ready to wear clothing will require such small adjustments for the wearer. Many women have never done adjustments because they were never taught to do this. But to make your clothing suit your movements, it is best to be sure the openings are securely closed.

green wrap dress amazon summer dresses
Color: Green

Polyester can be an Airy Fabric

Many polyester fabrics can be too dense to breathe especially for summer and humid heat. But I do own many polyester dresses that are airy and breathe well. So don’t write off a polyester dress because it is not a natural fiber. Sometimes polyester wicks moisture away very well, hence athletic apparel using it. It depends on the type of polyester. I have grown to love certain polyester fabrics for any time of year because they drape exceptionally well, they are wrinkle resistant, and tend to be very stain resistant which are all reasons why this material became popular decades ago.

This is a dress that will make you look chic and feminine for summer day or evening. So if you can only buy one or two things to spruce up your wardrobe, this dress looks nice casual to dressy when paired with different shoes and accessories.

Happy Beautifying!

She makes bed coverings for herself;
    her clothing is fine linen and purple.

Proverbs 31:22


"Whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable,
if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise
think about these things."
Philippians 4:8

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