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Styling Leggings with Class : Country Wardrobe Staples

Leggings are a Country Wardrobe Staple

Ladies, have you ever had your pant hem get coated in mud? Leggings. Needed to prevent tick bites? Leggings. Cold? Leggings. Legs not shaved? Leggings. Make your legs look slim….black leggings.

City women can afford to flit from style to style because their wardrobes are based on looks alone. Country life means we just wear what works even if it’s not “in” anymore….it might be “in” for country life! We need our clothes to work for weather, for pests, for comfort of bending and gardening or milking a cow. Even if you do not do these things outdoors, homemaking work is the same kind of physical job. It requires outfits that allow you to do the work.

I have been in a leggings phase for going on two decades. I can move, bend, squat, climb, fling my leg over a fence with ease, etc. I do not wear them every single day anymore. But they are still an important part of my wardrobe.

The Key is to Wear the Right Ones

Now, I only suggest dark colored leggings without pattern. Not just any legging can look good. Dark blue, dark green, dark maroon, dark brown, black, these are the colors that will flatter your legs and look higher end. These kinds of leggings make legs look slender.

Choose the Right Features

Leggings can come with pockets which are handy for a cell phone if you are just wearing a blouse with them and do not have other pockets. Leggings can be fleece lined on the inside which are wonderful insulation for cold weather. Leggings can be high waisted and will fully protect your bottom from popping out when bending or squatting. Point is, you have options to get the features you need in a legging.

Leggings can look bad. Real bad. But then again, so can any other clothing item. Wear them with tops long enough to cover your Southern region. Wear them with short dresses, which are actually the perfect long top length!

I love a boho flowy blouse as much as a structured tailored one. Both kinds of blouses work with leggings and boots.

So if you have been told that leggings = frumpy or immodest just know that they are not those things unless styled poorly and of poor quality fabric or fit.

When it gets cold, if I’m not wearing them as pants, I am wearing them under other pants, skirts and dresses! I hope this helped boost your confidence in the fashion department!

Happy Country Living and glory to God in the highest

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