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Were you ever taught that when you are homemaking, you are in fact “at work”? Work does not belong to some other location or some other person dictating it to you. It is not qualified by a paycheck. Your home is a workplace like any other workplace because it is a place that requires work. If you are working in your home, you are “at work”. Like any other job, this job has specific requirements for a wardrobe. Yes, your clothing can make this job harder or easier. Also, you need to show up to this job with dignity like you would any other workplace.

Sleeve styles for homemaking

When homemaking, we are bending down, stretching high and everything in between. Sleeves that fall off your shoulders, show bra straps, or are too long or flowy are not ideal. Wear something that stays put. Wear something that does not drape long into messes or get caught on things so that you can move freely. The best sleeve is one that stays near the elbow to be out of your way, such as a 3/4 length sleeve.

Blouse sleeves can be rolled up to mimic a 3/4 sleeve in a very timeless style as well. A similar length option is the “elbow” sleeve which hits right above the elbow. You can wear a variety of poofy and fluttery sleeves as long as they are higher up on the arm around the elbow or shorter. If you want a very short sleeve but are attempting to hide bra straps, buy a capped sleeve, or a strap wide enough to cover, which is difficult to do since even wide straps have to hit your arm in just the right spot to cover straps and then with movement they could show. I typically forgo any strappy top and aim for full coverage on the shoulders. Why am I even discussing bra straps? Bra straps are not a good look anywhere, at home or elsewhere. This is a very difficult one for women to avoid because tiny straps are an epidemic in modern fashion because it’s cheap to make, it takes less fabric and less time to put a piece of floss on the shoulders instead of a proper sleeve. While I prefer an elbow sleeve to a capped sleeve, the capped sleeve is the elegant solution to a bra strap dilemma. I like the look of a strappy sleeve but that is more of an evening look since they require a strapless bra. For the everyday at home, a strapless bra is not on my recommended list for the homemaker. The problem is a lot of casual daywear has strappy sleeves which is not a good look for daywear when someone is not wearing a strapless bra. Use all of your classy will power and just say no to anything strappy for daywear. Stick to actual sleeves.

Beware of bell sleeves, long poofy sleeves, or super flowy wide sleeves! I love a floaty o poofy sleeve if it is short enough to not be in your way. It’s the long, wide, drapey sleeves that don’t work. Or on the opposite spectrum, thin straps that show bra straps and just downgrade the whole look.

Neckline styles for homemaking

I prefer higher necklines so that when I am bending, my neckline stays flush with my skin. This prevents the peep show down a saggy neckline when tilted forward. Even a slightly dipped neckline can cause this if the top is too baggy. I make it a point to bend over when trying tops on to ensure that this cannot happen! Having said that, I wear a variety of necklines including v-necks, wrap style, oval cut, square neck, crew neck, all the necks. So, many styles are fine as long as it is cut high enough on the chest and if the sizing of the top fits properly to not bag off.

There are so many cute tops to choose from like this peplum style. The flare outward is incredibly forgiving for the mid-section while also defining the smallest part of the waist. Peplum style tops are one of my favorite go-to fashion staples no matter if they are “in” or not! They just look flattering.

Jean styles for homemaking

The most important thing to know about jeans for homemaking is to buy high waisted jeans that have stretch. These are the most important features because you will be able to bend comfortably, and they will not slide down or show the rear! Dark wash is more slimming, so I tend toward darker washes. I try to avoid “whiskering” on the front pelvic area of jeans because it draws horizontal lines across the pant which give the illusion of being wider. Most jeans have some amount of whiskering so I aim to buy jeans that are subtle about it.

Shoe styles for homemaking

An ankle bootie is a versatile shoe that works for the home (and property) for most of the year depending on your weather. Tan leather booties are the nude pump of boots as they go well with skirts, dresses and jeans. The key is to buy a tan bootie in a low comfortable style! Booties never go out of style they are a classic. I like to have a pair in navy blue, dark brown, or black as well.

Your sleeve style, neckline, jean style, and footwear are all imperative components of how you will look polished and feel comfortable for the workday ahead of you. Like in any job, there are guidelines to the dress code for showing up the way you should present yourself to others and be able to do the work.

A well thought out daily outfit will give you a sense of dignity and give your work dignity. Your work at home is of the utmost importance and it will bless your family to see you at your finest and it will be a visual reminder that you are at work and that this is a very important job.

“She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Proverbs 31:27



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