Transitional summer to early fall outfits

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Here are two look-like-autumn-when-it-feels-like-summer outfits. Even better, these pieces are absolute classics and on trend as well in some ways. I need clothing to work in a very practical sense as this is just the reality of life when you are cleaning, cooking, gardening and doing home projects.

I enjoy considering the shifts in fashion, but I filter out trends a lot because at some point you realize that fashion trends can lead you away from styles that look timelessly beautiful on you. Sometimes my long-worn fashion favorites come back into style. Fashion is fun, unless it becomes a chasing after the wind. Trends change too often for many women’s budgets, so my advice is to invest in classic feminine pieces and wear them no matter what changes.

Transitional summer to early fall outfits

Denim blouse with brown floral midi skirt

Feminine fall outfit denim blouse with midi skirt

The fashion industry declared that denim blouses are “out”. This is why I am not a trendy person. Any blouse that fits well is a wardrobe staple! Denim pairs well with a lot of things. A denim blouse gives structure and a bit of an outdoorsy appeal, which suits me because I live in the country. But even if you do not like a denim blouse, any properly fitting blouse is a feminine classic essential that works for any season, but it is an especially good piece for summer to fall transition.

Feminine fall classic and trendy outfit with chocolate brown midi skirt with denim blouse

But I also read that dark chocolate brown color is in! I am accidentally trendy sometimes. This is a dark brown skirt with a cream floral print in a lightweight chiffon fabric. A rich autumnal color like brown in an airy fabric will give you the fall look without being insulating. This midi skirt is a versatile staple in my wardrobe as it fits daily style, dressy style, it’s just one of those pieces. It is soft and flowy and I love reaching for this because it is a flattering a-line shape with good drape, not adding bulk and not being too clingy to show everything. That is the secret sauce to any skirt or dress right there. I love a good print too as it disguises any imperfection that gets on the fabric. I paired this with a textured structured belt to give this lightweight outfit a heftier layered look for early fall style.

Denim midi skirt & elbow sleeve fitted t-shirt

classic and trendy long denim skirt fall outfit

This is my most worn skirt in my wardrobe. This one surprises me as it is a very structured fabric in a very pillar up and down style. But it allows me to move comfortably and does not make me look overwhelmed by the structure. Long denim skirts happen to be in fashion, but it was a favorite anyway. I have found that this durable denim skirt transcends seasons and works in hot and cold weather making it the perfect transition piece in a wardrobe since I wear it year-round. It looks good with sandals and boots for either season.

feminine fall outfit styling long denim skirt with square neck top

I often wear it with an elbow length sleeve fitted t-shirt. I bought a couple on Amazon. During the summer, my top in this style was pink, but for fall, a deep green speaks to the season. This sleeve length is especially elegant and flattering to the upper arm and gives an otherwise casual t-shirt a feminine style. The square neckline is a beautiful and feminine feature that reminds me of the square necklines of the regency era. I love that this style became popular and was easy to find.

Shoe change from summer to fall

The best way to forgo the summer look for early fall is to wear close toed shoes. Sandals and open toed anything looks like a warm season shoe. To get the look of fall even though it’s warm, I wear a lightweight ballet flat or a fashion bootie (meaning, not a heavy duty outdoor insulating boot). These shoes will work for keeping you cool enough while looking seasonally appropriate.

nude ballet flats for fall shoe wardrobe
chocolate brown booties for fall shoe collection

Do what works on you no matter the trends but consider how certain things might freshen up your style as well. But I am loving my longtime feminine and classic favorites!

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