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Do you ever skip on something as simple as making the bed? The task we neglect is usually quite simple, quick even.

Sometimes it’s the small task like making the bed that is easier to justify not doing because it doesn’t affect a lot of other things. Not doing the dishes affects a cascade of events in the house. But walking away from jumbled bedding can feel justifiable.

But if you are new to homemaking, either as a new wife, or intentionally putting yourself to improving your home, start by forming the fortitude to make your bed.

make the bed

This small effort will change the look and the feel of your home.

The daily priority of making the bed does a couple things: it tidies the major focal point of the bedroom, and it is a quick way to correct a mess.

The act of caretaking is Thankfulness to God

When someone gives you a gift and you leave it in a corner to get dusty, and other things get piled on it, and it gets bent…that makes obvious how you feel about that gift. When a gift is precious to someone, they take care of it. Does the way you treat your home communicate thankfulness to God for having these things? Or is it the gift that is neglected? Could this be a lack of thanksgiving to God for this gift, or is it just a lack of understanding that treating a gift in this way is not respectful to the gift-giver?

daily homemaking making the bed

Make Your Bedroom an Orderly & Beautiful Reprieve

Making the bed is beginning the day with an organized and beautiful tone. Set this tone first in the privacy and autonomy of your own bedroom where it is less likely to get undone. When you walk back to your bedroom later on, you can experience a reprieve from any chaos outside those doors.

A serene bedroom waiting for you is a place to take a moment during the day, be refreshed, maybe nap, or have a coffee, read or pray. The order and beauty of this place is paramount in feeling refreshed.

It is often simple tasks like making the bed, that not only revive the home, but revive you, the homemaker.

making and styling a bed

Design a Better Bed

Have you ever designed your bed and bedding? Maybe you need to simplify your bedding so that it looks put together more easily. Try fewer, but larger throw pillows to make the bed faster. Pair it down to something that is not overwhelming for you.

Or perhaps your current bedding needs to be redone because you just don’t love the look of it. Maybe it’s bedding from ten years ago that is not your style anymore. Maybe you need better quality sheets, or a different color palette, or just a new set of bed pillows. Ask yourself, are you happy with your bed and bedding? Maintaining things you do not find appealing is not inspiring. Perhaps you need to reflect on your design choices and the comfort of the bed and bedding that would make you more excited to fluff your pillows, more excited to experience a well-made bed each night, or more excited to see a beautiful bed on display each day in your home.

Make the Beautiful Items you Do Own COUNT

I currently do not own nightstands for my master bedroom. I have no wall art around the bed. We moved to this rental house just three months ago and we owned ZERO furniture. I started from nothing and here my bedroom at least has the bed made up now. The room feels and looks put together just by having beautiful bedding and by making the bed. Even with beautiful bedding, when it is unmade, the house looks unkept and less decorated than it is! Keep up what you do own, make your nice items shine by maintaining them. Do this even if you have very little. The Holy Bible says that we must be good managers of a little before we are able to be good managers of more.

simple way to beautify and organize bedroom

Bedding Inspection

The added benefit to making the bed every day is also a crucial aspect of keeping the bedding washed. When you put your hand to tidy up anything, it puts your attention on it. Making the bed will make you see the condition of things. You may notice pillows are flat and oily and need to be washed and fluffed in the dryer. You may see the dire state of the sheets. Whereas when we fly out of bed and never look back, we will miss all this. You are not just making the bed, you are inspecting the bedding to assess the hygiene of your bed!

fluff pillows

Order & Beauty Within

God has modeled to us order and beauty so our homes should function out of order and beauty. The alternative is chaos and ugly. Making a home orderly and beautiful physically, comes largely from order inwardly. We need to make our bed inwardly as much as make it outwardly. Read the Word daily, praying scripture for yourself, and ask Him to strengthen you for the work of your household and family.

Acknowledging the deeper aspect of being a wife working at home, I suggest that while we do this simple and quick priority of making the bed each morning, we intentionally stop rushing through it, and take that moment to care about taking care of what the Lord has given us. Thank the Lord Jesus for your comfortable mattress, your beautiful bedding, thank him for the sleep he gave you. And I recently heard another wife say that when she makes the bed, she prays for her marriage.

Last of all, an often-overlooked daily priority of the homemaker is to enjoy homemaking. Homemaking is hard work, but it is also a blessing to have creativity in your own home, making it beautiful to your preferences, designing the atmosphere, and enjoying the outcomes.

Happy Homemaking and to God be the glory



"Whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable,
if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise
think about these things."
Philippians 4:8

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