Boots with Dresses & Skirts Feminine Country Outfits

Welcome to my Country Living Home & Fashion Blog. My name is Barbie and you can think of me as your country living stylist. Are you new to living in the country or just need some help making it better and more beautiful? Let’s talk boots with skirts and dresses for feminine country outfits!

There is nothing like wearing a solid quality pair of boots. They are a barrier against so many threats like pests, rocks, and dirt. It is truly a different comfort and reliable clothing item to wear a boot than other types of footwear. Quality boots protect your soles from feeling the hard rocks and they keep debris and pests off your ankles and legs.

I am talking real boots not the high heel fashion boots that hinder you from walking. Country women not only look beautiful in their boots and dresses but we garden and ride horses, and harvest and work in our boots and dresses.

It is one of my favorite combinations and I hope you are inspired to embrace your femininity and your love of the outdoors the way this combination does.

Check back for more country fashion blogging and country home articles!

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