My Classy & Feminine Style Makeover : Before & After

It’s easy to upscale daily style!

Ladies, I write a lot of articles encouraging us to upscale our daily style because our current culture is so lax, to the point of championing slobbish habits. It feels refreshing to be put together! It is even polite to be put together! It even changes the tone of a home to be put together! No, the outside is not everything but it is something! It does have an effect on us and others and it does convey a message. What are you conveying?

There were years of my life that I dressed almost exclusively in leggings with spandex tops, or skinny jeans with black t shirts. I thought a black t-shirt made me look “chic”, and frankly, grey and black clothing makes up so much of current women’s clothing, I never noticed how drab it looked! I was used to it! I was taking fashion advice from an industry that pushes whatever they want women to look like and what they want women to buy.

Simple changes make the difference

I stopped wearing black t-shirts. I lost the athletic slides (the socks really amplify how terrible of a look those were). I opted for classic footwear in a simple ankle bootie.

Instead of short tops with leggings, I now wear long blouses or tops!

Wear feminine styles even if they’re not “in style”

Women are unaccustomed to dressing overtly femininely now days. Our clothing has become so plain we can often feel like something that is simply feminine is too “girly”, like peplum for instance. Even if it isn’t the hot trendy item right now, it is a classic flattering shape on a woman! It can even be difficult to find certain feminine styles like peplum tops because feminine fashion has been out of style for such a long time! Just keep looking and you will find feminine styles.

Wear colors other than black and gray!

Steer away from the ever popular blacks and grays to keep from looking dreary! Black and grey color near your face and hair can make skin, eyes and hair look drab, especially as a woman ages.

Dark colors that enliven the skin, eyes, and hair include rich navy blues, deep greens, and wine color. These will make your eyes sparkle and enhance rosiness in your skin unlike black and gray.

For neutral colors, there are so many variations of tans, browns, and whites.

These are simple ways to look softer, classy and feminine! Throw on pretty earrings and some soft pink lipstick. Quick and beautiful!

Guess what, I am still just as comfortable in my “after” outfits so I did not compromise on comfort to look put together and feminine.

Until next time ladies!

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