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Some of the featured items here are out of stock online at the time I wrote this article for you, but your local store might very well have these items in stock. I do think posts like this are timely as we near decorating for Christmas, but the best time to shop for Christmas decor is right when it comes out in September or October because the quality pieces sell out quickly. But you just might be in time for these still!

best hobby lobby garlands and wreaths

If you are new to shopping at Hobby Lobby, all of their items go on a half-price sale in a rotation every week. Be sure to buy your Christmas items the week they are 50% off to save the most money.

The Most Realistic & Quality Looking Garlands at Hobby Lobby

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  1. This is a classic Christmas green color Cedar Garland and this looks very realistic. It is priced at $59.99 but $29.99 when 50% off SKU: 5357454
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2. This is another Cedar Garland with a slight ombre color variation on the greenery tips. This green color is more muted green than the first cedar garland. The muted green with the color variation looks very authentic but no more real than the first one, it is just a different greenery look. This one is priced higher at $99.99 but $49.99 when 50% off. SKU: 5560925

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3. This is the Gold Glitter Tipped Cedar Garland which looks as though you painted the tips. Glitter garlands can go cheap looking quickly but if I were to recommend a well-done glitter garland, this would be it. This is a true to shape and color cedar garland, that looks satisfactorily realistic. The added paint is done subtly enough to look high end. $54.99 but $27.49 when 50% off. SKU: 5331707

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4. This is the Timberline Pine Garland which has a combination of longer realistic looking pine needles with shorter fiber branches, and it features pinecones as well. The quality of branches and the variation in branches and pinecones helps it look pretty realistic. This is a nice option either on its own or dressed up with more decor. $49.99 but $29.99 when 50% off. SKU: 5619812

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5. This is the Pine and Pinecone Garland which has a variation in the pinecones with realistic appeal to the short pine needles on the branches. The green color is also very realistic making it a timeless addition to your Christmas decor. $49.99 but $29.99 when 50% off. SKU: 5288030

The Most Realistic & Quality Wreaths at Hobby Lobby

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  1. This is the Pinecone & Cedar Wreath featuring nice looking cedar branches with a soft yellow “highlights” on some branch tips throughout to lend variation to the greenery. $94.99 but $47.49 when 50% off. SKU: 5620059
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2. This is the Gold Glitter Tipped Cedar Wreath The feathered edges of the cedar branches give it a more delicate appearance in contrast to dense greenery wreaths. The painted gold glitter tips also lend a subtle glamorous look. $99.99 but $49.99 when 50% off. SKU: 5331715

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3. This is the Pinecone, Ornament & Bow Wreath which is a fully embellished wreath featuring red and gold ornaments, a plaid bow, red berries, leafy branches and evergreen branches. This wreath is full and classically beautiful. $124.99 but $62.49 when 50% off. SKU: 5620034

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4. This is the Light Up Pine Wreath featuring a gold metal ring with a pine needle and pinecone arrangement at the bottom and soft white lights scattered throughout. Hang as is or embellish further with a bow, ribbon, or ornaments. $54.99 but $27.49 when 50% off. SKU: 5957097

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5. This is the Frosted Mistletoe Wreath which has slightly muted green leaves frosted in a velvety shimmer with red berries throughout. This is an elegant addition to any room. $34.99 but $17.49 when 50% off. SKU: 5073945

I like to purchase at least one new large Christmas decor piece each year, like a garland or a wreath since these are the pricier items. It is okay to build your collection over time. In fact, buying just a few quality looking pieces at a time will help your decor to be elegant instead of shoved full of a lot of cheaper items to fill it out. Think of the beauty of simplicity in decor. Just a few candles, a ribbon tied around something, a well-placed wreath. Decor is fun and filling it out is exhilarating, but these posts are to help you steadily plod along, not rush out and feel pressure to buy everything at once.

I hope you find one special piece this year to elevate your decor and I hope that your heart finds true contentment in Jesus Christ who we celebrate at Christmas.

Thank you to Hobby Lobby for playing Christian instrumental music in the store, as it creates such a peaceful atmosphere to shop in.

Happy decorating and a very beautiful Christmas to you and yours!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!

Luke 2:14


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