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Welcome to my little stylish corner of the countryside.

The tractor supply clothing section does not exactly make me feel like a stylish woman. There is zero snazzy shopping experience to it and yet, I feel so much more comfortable there than any other retail store. I want to smell hay and kibble while I shop for my clothes. And I want to hear adorable peeping chicks, not top 40 blaring. On one of my excursions, I found these leggings. They have deep pockets with invisible zippers. Hefty fabric. Stretchy. Doesn’t show crack when you bend down. These are the things country women need. These are the things ANY women needs in her clothing.

One of my favorite things to wear for my outdoor excursions as well as for housework, is perhaps the most poorly understood fashion item of the decade: leggings. Leggings are classic pants when made with the right fabric and worn with the right tops. But leggings are often worn very badly with see through fabrics and tiny tops that leave women looking cheaply and poorly styled. So many people reject leggings instead of just wearing them well. When leggings started sporting pockets, I was even more convinced of their valuable contribution to women’s fashion.

This pair of leggings should be in every country woman’s wardrobe for the durable material, two back pockets, two side zip pockets large enough for a phone and an extra zip thigh pocket. Can you even tell these features are there?! This is the “Ridgecut” brand with the search criteria: “Women’s Stretch Fit Natural-Rise Work Leggings.” click here for the link. I have tried inserting the link but a technical difficulty is keeping it from appearing.

For Autumn time, I love the simple template of leggings with a long knit sweater. Not revolutionary. Good style often is not, it works so well that it just keeps being a seasonal go-to. I thrift old knit sweaters because the quality is unparalleled unless I were to spend a significant amount of money on something new. Most often, cheaper sweaters new in retail will not have cable knit on the back of the sweater, only the front. These are ways the manufactures save money by skimping on those details. They will also be very thin and pill easily. I thrift older sweaters to find better quality knit fabric with more knit detail front and back. The most durable sweaters tend to be dense cotton knits such as this one. They do not pill as easily as other fibers.

This sweater also has scalloped edges on the bottom and sleeves which gives it a feminine appeal and more knit detail throughout, typical of a higher price point piece. You can vary your basic “leggings with long sweater outfit” with different sweaters in various colors and knit patterns when paired with the same black leggings. Change your boots, change your jewelry.

I feel safe from ticks and other pests walking outdoors in tall boots. But I also love the English style riding boot look. It adds a fancy pinache to your boot game. Notice the lack of high heels, as country women we need to be able to traverse the ground with ease. We look for superior comfort in our boots and necessary traction on the soles.

Countryside fashion means it works for the outdoors and for cozy and beautiful cold weather style.

With as basic as these fall fashion items are, make sure your wardrobe is stocked. Basics that get worn a lot need to be inspected for their current condition and perhaps you are in the market for a better pair of leggings, a few more long sweaters in better condition, or perhaps your boots need some polishing.

Cheers to a cozy and stylish fall season in the country!

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