This Question Will Change the Way You Dress

“Would you buy this right now?”

This is the one question that will change whether you think what you wear is good quality, stylish, or even flattering on you.

When you go to reach for that top and those pants again, as your day after day uniform, hold up those items and look at the state of them. Ask yourself if you were at a shop and saw those items right now, would you reach out and pull them from the rack to admire them? Would they catch your eye? Would you pay money to purchase them right now? Would you even think they looked good? Are there loose seams or buttons? Threads hanging? Is it faded or is the fabric pilled? Is it misshapen? Would your items be accepted to be sold at a consignment shop?

Think about that…would this item be good enough to be sold as a used item?

This is actually my litmus test for if I can donate items. They need to be in good enough condition for me to pay money again for them if I wanted them. Maybe they’re just too small for me now, or not my best color, or I don’t like the cut on me. Those are reasons to donate items, not because they are worn beyond reasonable quality being left to them.

When you realize that your item is not good enough to donate, that’s when you realize the down graded state you choose for yourself.

Often times it has been this question that has made me realize that my go-to items are actually not in condition to be reached for anymore. Or I realized that I tended to reach for my lowest level of style items most often! It is so easy to be immune to our own clothes that we do not assess them with the same criteria we would to purchase new items. If you would not purchase your items in the condition or style they are in, then why wear them?

This is the question that has changed my standard for the quality of items I purchase as well as the level of being fixed up that I expect of my daily clothing. Many women go every day without thinking how run down their outfits look because they are not assessing their clothing and they are going along with an entire culture that is overly casual.

Yet we live in a society that is filled with merchandise to a degree we have never previously enjoyed before. What an irony that women can access more beautiful and comfortable fashions now than before and yet they do not enjoy it or embrace it or see the immense blessing of this amount of goods! Clothing is sold for incredibly affordable prices considering the cost for making such clothing. Even if you can not afford to purchase higher quality clothing retail, quality items are donated and are available at very low prices. If you do not like thrift shopping, even retail has clearance sales seasonally. Quality clothing abounds in the first world at varying price points. We have access to so much from garage sales, estate sales, Craigslist, facebook marketplace, thrift shops, retail, clearance, seasonal sales, etc. The only limit to dressing well is apathy, or a lack of education in how to improve which I love to teach along with so many other knowledgeable and fashionable bloggers out there!

We are so blessed to have the ability to change our clothes and feel and look instantly better! We can take out items that do not lift our countenance and add in clothing that does and it makes such a difference in how we carry ourselves and feel.

If you expect excellence from hotels and businesses rendering service to you, to your children, to your spouse, then strive for excellence yourself. You are a blessing to your family and home in the way you represent them to the world by your manners and appearance, and you are a blessing to them when you care to be at your best for them.

Believe it or not, what you reach for in the morning matters. Would you buy the clothing in your wardrobe right now?

"Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things." Philippians 4:8

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