The Key to Legging Outfits : Classy & Feminine

Ladies, leggings worn right is a beautiful look and an extremely comfortable get stuff done outfit. That is why so many of us live in them!

The key to styling legging outfits well is to wear short dresses as your tops.

For years I fell victim to the false hope that maybe my tops were long enough for leggings because they were longish. I finally realized that nothing was long enough! How did I find this out? I saw enough highly exposed nether regions of other women to realize that unless the top is LONG like mid thigh long to be exact, things are showing.

I love the way a short a line fit and flare dress cuts in at the waist and drapes. This dress has my preferred 3/4 length sleeve and a nice high neckline that won’t bag off of me when bending over.

A mere inch of fabric draped over my frontal region flapping in the wind is not a long enough top for leggings. I need a long top to be mid thigh for it to really be long enough for moving, bending and wind.

The fashion industry saves a lot of money on fabric making dresses this short!

But short dresses are the perfect long tops for legging outfits!

Short dresses are everywhere! Start shopping short dresses that fall mid thigh…and you have your long tops.

This is the key to legging outfits looking classy and feminine!

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