Dressy Casual Feminine Winter Fashion : Wine Reds, Midi Skirts & Belted Waists

Ladies, do you want to feel more awake, productive and happy in the dreary cold winter weather? Get dressed in the morning in something pretty and polished. You may be surprised just how different you feel. You will make your family feel more important and you will grace your home with a sense of every task being a moment of refinement.

Winter white is not the friendliest color for some kinds of gritty work of home keeping so I reserve this skirt for days of light housework, outings to the shops, dinners out, having dinner guests over, or church gatherings. Which is perfect for the Christmas season! This is a chiffon pleated fabric that looks dressier than other materials so I wear it around the house or town for that bit of elevation. It can look fancy if I pair it with other fancy items but when paired with knit sweaters and boots it is a “dressy casual” look. If I had a pleated skirt like this in a darker more dirt friendly color and not a chiffon fabric, it would be less dressy and great for everyday even cleaning days! I hope to collect more like this as I love the look and feel of this delightfully swishy pleated skirt.

Pleats have become one of my favorite features as it lends a beautiful movement to fabric. Pleats look good in a variety of materials from heavy wool to slinky light weight polyester. Midi length skirts especially in heftier fabric lend wonderful warmth over leggings and tall boots. This skirt of mine is not a heavy warm fabric but even the lighter weight pleated skirts act as beautiful toppers over warm pants and boots beneath.

Belting your waistline is always a flattering look but it can make you feel especially better when thicker fabrics and layers of clothing makes you feel even dumpier. I belt pretty much everything I wear and it always looks more ladylike and put together for it.

I forgo dreary gray and black colors in the winter and wear rich deep “happy” colors instead! Yes colors can lift the mood in winter! I find any wine red shade a particularly beautiful color to wear. These various shades of what I consider “wine reds” can vary from red to purple but if they have a warm tone they look like “wine” to me. These wine reds are complimentary and pair well together as layers in an outfit even when they are not exactly the same color.

Winter outfits must have outerwear that compliment it. In fact, I argue that your winter outfits are largely your outerwear. Instead of buying a lot of tops or dresses for winter, collect coats! Think of your coat as your outfit.

Pair it with different scarves, hats and gloves to change up the look. I like this winter white coat because it pairs well any other colors.

I still need to invest in my next pair of high quality winter boots but for now I am still enjoying my old leather ones here. If you are in snow or rain country, waterproof and skid proof boots are absolutely essential but try to buy the best quality you can afford. Real fur lined boots are an essential as well for maximum warmth. I avoid faux leather as it disintegrates in less than a season of wear. Think of a winter boot purchase as a decade long investment as a good pair of boots could last upward of 5 years easily. You can find good quality boots second hand but sometimes it takes truly splurging for your feet to thank you for winters to come.

Be sure to get wool socks as nothing compares to the warmth of wool! Your toes need to be properly dressed inside of your boots!

Happy beautiful winter time and Merry Christmas!

"Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things." Philippians 4:8

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