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Many people think that dressing nice for daily living is not realistic. But nice clothing has fortitude if you pick the right pieces. Like my beautiful caramel colored leather boots here that I have been wearing for 5 years. Here is what’s realistic: they are scuffed and worn from walking on rock pathways and dirt nearly every day for the last 5 autumns and winters. Being in the countryside means significant wear on items which requires them to be made out of better materials with superior construction. I can not skimp on quality for boots but I found these in a thrift shop nearly brand new all those years ago and I have gotten all of my wear out of that $7.50 purchase.

Genuine leather boots have a longevity like no other man made material. The leather wears slowly only after years typically into a soft worn patina that can be polished back up. But fake leather actually cracks and flakes off within one season of wear. It looks terrible but it also leaves boots vulnerable to water and my feet to the elements without proper insulation. That is another reality of nice clothes for real living in the outdoors: the best clothing is made out of the superior materials of animal hides and furs.

When people are not actively living their lives outdoors or even indoors doing lots of work, and they only know smooth city sidewalks or walking around indoors not scrubbing on their knees or getting sweaty using a mop, they do not understand the wear and tear on clothing or the features that make certain materials comfortable in the countryside or for the working housewife.

Many people only wear nice clothing for doing anything but daily work but if I only wore nice clothing for days I did not work I would only dress nice for Sabbath rest. I have found a way to enjoy nice clothing everyday. I wear the best quality materials I can find and afford and I tend to wear the most dirt friendly colors. There is not a lot of stark white going on out here especially in foot wear.

I have written before about the color palette of the countryside and how it is less stark and more nature toned. In place of stark black there is more dark brown, maroon, navy, and dark green to compliment the softer deep colors of the outdoors.

The maroon brown background color of this skirt with the ivory floral pattern is another great example of this color palette for the countryside and a beautiful piece for an Autumn wardrobe. But I am also mystified at how this skirt will likewise look just as appropriate for a winter outfit as well as spring or summer depending on what I pair with it. I love those items that stretch that far in a wardrobe. This skirt will remain hanging in my rotation year round! Also it is the perfect length for being out of my way but not too short to bend and move!

This knit sweater is a great example of how a sweater should fit properly for country living or homemaking. Sleeves that fit, not bag off the arms is essential for being able to maneuver and not get caught on things or dip fabric into dish water or anything gross outdoors. I can roll or push up the sleeves which is an important characteristic for sweaters or tops to keep them out of your way if need be.

The reality is that we can dress nice every day when we reach for the right pieces. Buy quality materials as much as you can afford to and remember those same quality items are often in second hand shops. Wear the right length hemlines that won’t trip you all day, and wear a sleeve that will be out of your way.

Happy country living and homemaking!

"Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things." Philippians 4:8

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