My Thrift Shopping Strategy & Etiquette

    Some thrift shops can be relaxing but they can also be like Black Friday. Thrift shopping is often what I refer to as “combat shopping”. People are there to get deals and sometimes they are not going to give you space or be polite about it! They may step into your “zone” and start going through things right next to you when they see you have grabbed a lot of good items. They are not concerned with saying “excuse me” or “sorry”. I have had people take items off of my shopping cart when my back is turned to it! I have had people stare at items in my hand…


    Be a Considerate Dog Owner When Hostessing Guests : Etiquette

    “Pets welcome. People tolerated.” “If you don’t like my dog, leave.” We all love our own dog and might laugh at those quotes but the root of that mentality is uncaring. Yes it’s your home but when you offer it to someone else for say, a dinner, consideration of the person invited is the policy. There is a limit to this bending of course, but when it is within your power to keep someone uncomfortable from a dog that jumps up on them or demands their attention when they just want to converse with you without a dog up in their face, we should put the dog away for that…